1. 50 Shades of Shea Collection

1.    50 Shades of Shea Collection

 **50 Shades of Shea**


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This collection features some scents that I think the men (and maybe the women) will enjoy. Yet this collection is with the men in mind. These particular scents smell wonderful and don't have that "Old Spice", 'about to peel the wallpaper and leave people with headaches in their wake' scent. If anything the women will come closer and ask what is that wonderful fragrance you have on:) Again, in this collection I will showcase fragrances for the gentlemen but there will also be fragrances that are already a part of other collections that are mentioned because they are popular with the guys.

Remember gentlemen leave a pleasant memory in your wake, not an unforgettable headache.


Citrus & Sage


Cucumber Melon

Eucalpytus Essential Oil

Egyptian Musk

Jasmine Vanilla


Warm Vanilla Sugar (Currently Sold out)