The Collections

Please click on a collection name to be taken to a list of specific fragrances representing each collection. Also please be aware that some fragrances might be in more than one collection.


 **50 Shades of Shea**

This collection features some scents that I think the men (and maybe the women) will enjoy. Yet this collection is with the men in mind. These particular scents smell wonderful and don't have that "Old Spice", 'about to peel the wallpaper and leave people with headaches in their wake' scent. If anything the women will come closer and ask what is that wonderful fragrance you have on:) Again, in this collection I will showcase fragrances for the gentlemen but there will also be fragrances that are already a part of other collections that are mentioned because they are popular with the guys.

Remember gentlemen leave a pleasant memory in your wake, not an unforgettable headache.

**Botanical Collection**

Step into a garden filled with nothing but the most fragrant bouquets of flowers. Enjoy your favorite one throughout the day as your floral trail leaves a pleasant scent. Whether it is the aromatic notes of a lilac to the slightest hint of lemongrass, you will definitely find a flower in this collection that will make you want to do more than just stop to smell the roses. Because why would you stop to smell them when you can emulate one yourself?

**Fruity Essence Collection**

Nothing is more relaxing then enjoying a piece of fruit. Whether its ripe and sweet or maybe something a bit more exotic, from a branch or a vine with these delights you will savor the essence but be careful not to take a bite:)

**Love Story Collection**

This collection is for the romantics at heart.  These fragrances range from being flirty to full on sensual. State your intentions and proclaim your everlasting affections for your true love, whether they are real or imaginary.  Be the quill to your parchment with one of these beguiling scents. All is fair in love and war. But why don't you give yourself an edge with a lil shimmer? The love story shea butter collection will exclusively carry a shimmer that will not only moisturize but also give you that sensual glimmer. You will feel and look so good you might just fall in love with yourself all over again.


**Serene Collection**

Sometimes you just need some time to collect yourself and just relax and release. These scents are perfect for being soothing and calming. Put some on before a nice leisurely stroll, on your pulse points before a session of Yoga, Pilates, or Meditation.  Apply some before going to bed and unwinding for the night.

**Unique Collection**

For those fragrances that you just can’t put your finger on. This collection is for those who want to venture out of the comfort zone and have some fun. So when someone compliments you and asks, what you are wearing, you can respond, wouldn’t you like to know?

**Yummy Scents Collection**

The phrase, “You smell good enough to eat!” has never rang more true.  If anything you might have to refrain yourself from eating these particular whipped shea butters. Now you can finally enjoy your favorite treat without the extra calories.